Snow and Bitter Cold Keeping Blood Donors Inside

Officials at the Red Cross have issued an urgent need for blood.

The snow and bitter cold is keeping donors at home and away from donation drives, officials said. 

"We’re asking all donors who are eligible to come on out to donate," Peter Boucher with the American Red Cross said.

Thirteen blood drives were canceled in Connecticut during last week’s storm and the Red Cross said that's more than 300 blood donation opportunities lost.

Mary White is donating her platelets and she’s been a regular donor for ten years.

"I had a friend from college whose son had leukemia," she said. "He lives in Chicago and from here I couldn’t do anything and it drove me crazy. So I looked into it and platelets go to a lot of leukemia so I figured if I started doing it here, then maybe it would be paid forward."

A donor, Mario Plante, said the lives saved are worth the time.

"You still have to give," Plante said. "It doesn’t matter what the weather is."

Most of the blood collected in Connecticut goes directly to help patients at local hospitals.

"It could be for a number of different things," Peter Boucher with the American Red Cross said. "It could be for scheduled surgeries, for accidents, for cancer patients."

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