Some Shoppers Disappointed by Payless Liquidation Sales

With Payless ShoeSource closing all of its remaining U.S. stores, shoppers are on the hunt for deals.

Since Sunday, Payless ShoeSource has been liquidating merchandise at all of its 2,100 stores.

Thursday, some shoppers hoping to take advantage of the going-out-of-business sale walked away disappointed.

Shoppers who checked out the sale said they are hoping there’s deeper discounts to come.

Foot traffic into Payless Shoesource stores around Connecticut was brisk Thursday, but many customers walked out empty handed.

“I didn’t find anything today,” said Linda Petrillo of Southington, after spending time at the Payless in Southington.

The signs said up to 40 percent off, but shoe shoppers told us most items were just 20 percent off the ticket price.

“They didn’t really discount it that much yet,” said Jen Lee of Newington after coming out of Payless’ New Britain location.

“I’m surprised that prices were still high,” added Melinda Rodriguez of Hartford who chose not to make a purchase at the Hartford Payless.

“I thought 20 percent, you get that at any other store you know,” said Petrillo.

Petrillo said she expected to double that discount.

Like her, Lee is playing the waiting game and hoping she doesn't pay the price.

“You go in today, it’s not that heavily discounted right, but then I’m thinking should I wait a little bit longer to see if there are even more deeper discounts? And if not, if I don’t get it today, what if it’s gone next week?” said Lee.

“What we hear from people is they didn’t act fast enough,” said William Tong, Connecticut’s attorney general.

With more and more brick and mortar stores closing their doors, is there a shopping strategy to make the most of these going out of business sales?

Tong said every company has its own plan, making difficult to know how long to hold out. Companies will try to get rid of what they can before lowering the price and many bring in a liquidator to buy up the remaining inventory.

“At that point you’ll see empty shelves and big florescent signs and that’s when the store is really about to close,” Tong said.

Eboni Teasley of Naugatuck isn’t waiting. Thursday afternoon, she walked out of Southington’s Payless Shoesource store with two pairs of shoes, one for her and one for a friend.

“I’m happy with their prices, honestly. I don’t think that’ it’s too much. I think it’s reasonable,” said Teasley.

“You’re eventually going to see it. They’ve just got to get everything off the shelves and they’re going to sell it. So you can look for some great sales, but just be aware that sale is final,” said Michelle Seagull, Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection commissioner.

Payless says after March 1 no returns will be accepted and, gift cards have to be used by March 11.

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