Southwest Flight Delays Persist After Computer Glitch

Dozens of passengers who planned to take Southwest flights out of Bradley Airport on Friday morning have not been able to reach their destination after a computer glitch that affected the airline earlier this week. 

Michael Carrubba, of North Haven, was supposed to fly to Dallas with a connection in Baltimore yesterday, but the flight was canceled. 

“All my years of traveling, 25 years of flying, I've never had a problem this elongated, and it looks like there's not going to be any -- not a quick end in sight,” he said. 

He was rebooked for today, but that flight was canceled as well. 

Carrubba said he spent four hours on the phone yesterday and three hours on line at the airport today, but isn’t sure when he'll get out. 

Officials from Southwest said the computer glitch is fixed and they’ve been responding on Twitter, apologizing to passenger who saying they hope to get back on schedule as soon as possible. 

A statement from the Connecticut Airport Authority said they had two cancelled arrivals and departures for Southwest and one additional cancelled departure and arrival later today. 

Southwest flights to Baltimore and Tampa have been cancelled and long lines gave formed at Bradley. 

Bob Dendron, of East Haddam, said he’s been at the airport two days in a row. 

"Not where we want to be," he said. 

Dendron said Southwest offered him a $200 voucher yesterday and he rebooked a flight for this afternoon. 

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