Record High!

Golf, ski or just enjoy the warm weather.

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Today's weather beat the record heat by 1 degree. When the mercury hit 71, it ousted the previous record high of 70 degrees set in 1989 and again in 1999. Bradley holds the officials figures, but it hit 76 to Bridgeport. 

There are so many places to enjoy the outdoors.

Grab a kite. It's windy, so this is great day to use that power and relive your childhood. It's also not a bad day to play Frisbee, if you can dig one up.    

This is also a nice day for some spring skiing. Head to Ski Sundown in New Hartford. Mohawk Mountain  in Cornwall, Mount Southington or Woodbury Ski Area.

Tune up your bike and go for a ride. There are so many possible places to go for a ride. The state Department of Transportation has a page listing trails in many cities and towns.

It’s also a beautiful day to be on the golf course, and you can find more on Golf Quest.

Enjoy and send us a photo of what you're doing.

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