Mayor's Son Busted — Again!

As Stamford Mayor Dannel Malloy explores a run for the governor's office, his son is in trouble with the law again.

Ben Malloy, 21, and two other men tried to rob drugs from a Darien man early Tuesday morning, Darien Police said.

Initially, the man told police he was the victim of an armed home invasion, but police said they quickly realized it was a drug buy turned robbery. 

Police believe Malloy and two other men had arranged to buy drugs from the victim, but instead of handing over cash, they pulled out guns and told the victim to hand over the drugs.  When the victim refused, Malloy and his two friends took off, police said.

Darien Police obtained search warrants for Mayor Malloy's Stamford house and three other homes. 

"We did find some evidence of marijuana, narcotics and in the home in Darien where the complaint did originate from, and we recovered one of the weapons that was displayed during the attempted home robbery", said Lt. Ron Bussell of the Darien Police Department.

Ben Malloy turned himself in to Darien police and was charged with criminal attempt at first degree robbery and conspiracy to commit first degree robbery. 

He was released on a $2500 bond and will be in court on March 17.

Mayor Malloy and his wife issued a statement after their son's arrest. 

"We have worked very hard as parents to support our son and get him the help he needs to combat his emotional illness and substance abuse. We remain deeply concerned about his well-being and will continue to support him throughout his treatment and beyond. We are cooperating fully with police and ask the public to respect our privacy as the police do their job."

This is the second time in two years Ben Malloy has been arrested and the second time in two years that the Malloy family home has been searched by police.

In 2007, Ben Malloy was arrested for drug offenses by Greenwich Police.

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