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State Adds 100+ Pharmacy Locations to COVID-19 Vaccination Effort

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Getting the COVID-19 vaccine might be even easier now with it requiring just a trip to your local pharmacy.

Governor Ned Lamont revealed dozens of new locations in the state that will soon be offering shots.

After a lot of anticipation at the Big Y in Ellington, the first shipment of the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine arrived on Wednesday.

“People are asking us every single day. You know, when are you getting it?” said Brian Reid, Big Y pharmacy manager. “Now that it’s here for April 1st we’re just very excited to get going helping give as many vaccines as possible.”

This location is among the more than 100 pharmacies across the state that Governor Lamont announced will be giving out COVID-19 vaccines starting in the coming days.

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“We’ve been getting calls ever since the shots started but specifically today after the governor’s announcement was made we received several calls asking about it,” said Andrew DaSilva, the pharmacy manager at The Medicine Shoppe in Vernon. “We’ve been patiently waiting for our chance to jump in as well and serve our community.”

DaSilva excepts to soon receive their vaccine shipment of 100 doses.

They hope people can start signing up on the store’s website beginning Friday.

“Especially for people who are very local and can’t make it out to East Hartford or Hartford where the hospitals are, you know, finding the vaccine in your neighborhood can be very important for them,” said DaSilva.

Starting on Thursday people can register for an appointment on Big Y’s website for a shot at a dozen of its locations.

Once you show up you just have fill out some paperwork, get the vaccine and then you’re on your way after waiting the 15-minute observation period.

“The Connecticut pharmacies are just very excited to be giving vaccines and help, you know, get back to normal,” said Reid.

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