State Ethics Panel Rules Against UConn Football Head Coach

A state ethics panel ruled it was not proper for UConn football coach Randy Edsall to hire his son as an assistant, but they gave Corey Edsall a partial reprieve.

The Office of State Ethics investigated the hire of head coach Randy Edsall's son Corey as his tight ends coach. A draft opinion concluded it was against state law for Corey Edsall to be his father's assistant and for Randy Edsall to negotiate his son's salary when the UConn head coach had already signed a contract and was a state employee.

UConn explains Randy Edsall signed his contract Dec. 28, 2016. He then negotiated his son's contract via email January 1 but did not begin work as UConn's head coach until January 3. UConn believes he was not a state employee when the negotiations took place.

Nicole Fournier Gelston, UConn’s associate general counsel, told the ethics panel, "The record is clear, that Mr. Edsall did not have a single communication about his son's employment, salary, compensation after he became a state employee on January 3."

In addition, UConn has arranged to have someone else supervise Corey Edsall. Yet the ethics board voted 8-1 in favor of the draft opinion. The board said Corey Edsall must leave the football program, but in a small concession, said he can finish out this season's contract.

UConn has 45 days to appeal the Office of State Ethics opinion.

NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters reached out to Randy Edsall, who had no comment. 

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