State Senator's Condition Improving After Fall at Home

In just three weeks, members of the Connecticut House and Senate will take their seats for the 2015 session, and one legislator is still recovering from injuries he suffered over the summer.

State Sen. Andrew Maynard fell at his home in Stonington over the summer and hurt his head. He hasn't made a public appearance in months but still won reelection against a Republican challenger during the November election.

Maynard – and his condition – has been a constant source of conversation over the past several months.

State Sen. Martin Looney, the next President Pro Tempore of the Connecticut, the chamber's highest ranking officer, visited Sen. Maynard recently.

“We had a good visit," said Looney. "We walked to the visiting area without assistance and he seems to be making significant progress toward his recovery.”

Maynard's family released updates on the senator's condition over the summer, explaining that his recovery was going well. Family members could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

Maynard's injuries have not affected his standing among Senate Democrats. He will chair the Transportation Committee when the session convenes on Jan. 7.

Looney said he wouldn't speculate on whether his colleague would be in attendance during the 2015 session, but added that any questions about whether he deserves to serve should be put to rest by virtue of the election results.

“His constituents have elected him to another term and they are in effect willing to give him time to recover to be back with them. and I think that if that’s the position his constituents have taken I certainly think that’s the one the rest of the state should embrace,” Looney said.

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