Stolen Dog Reunited With Owners After More Than 7 Months

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A stolen puppy is back with her family months after being taken during a car theft in February.

It was a tear-filled reunion between a dog and her human almost eight months in the making.

Little Cindy, a Maltese, was returned to her family after being dognapped when she was only four months old.

She was in her owner's car when it was stolen from a Fairfield rest stop in February. The car was found two days later, but there was no sign of Cindy.

"Family has not had her, has not known where she was until last week when she was recovered in Waterbury," explained Trooper Donna Sabourin.

Cindy was found inside another stolen vehicle in Waterbury.

Her owner said she's always been an optimistic, positive person, but the theft of her beloved Cindy changed her a little.

"This is getting my life back. This like I don’t know ... this is like baby," Valary Kirit said.

"She couldn’t even talk for like 15 minutes. She was shaking, crying and then she told me that Cindy was found. It’s a happy moment," Sergii Gaisyn, another member of the family, added.

State police said the pooch just celebrated her first birthday this month. She had been neglected and had a slight infection, but she's doing fine.

"They gave her a bath and brushed her out and the vet said she was healthy and good to go," Sabourin said.

For now, Cindy in her pink leash is headed back to her home and her family.

State police still don't know who was behind the original theft of Cindy and the car. If a suspect is caught, they could face charges including animal cruelty in addition to car theft.

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