Storm Leaves 50 Families Homeless in Bridgeport

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Associated Press

The city of Bridgeport has lifted the state of emergency and curfew imposed on Thursday after a tornado and a quick-moving storm came through, causing massive amounts of damage and leaving 50 families homeless.

Since the storm, Bridgeport’s emergency operations center has received close to 3,000 calls.

On Friday, the city is dealing with nine buildings in different stage of collapse and utilities crews are working on restoring power to the 7,000 homes without power.

Ten United Illuminating crews are in Bridgeport alone and it is not clear when power will be restored.

All main roads are open, as well as most secondary roads, but 57 intersections are closed. Police are posted in areas around the city, mostly because of downed powerlines.   

One shelter is open. While there was no one there on Friday morning, people are expected tonight.

Remarkably, there was no damage to municipal facilities.

Twenty five people were admitted to hospitals and there are reports of one person in serious condition at St. Vincent Hospital.

Damage estimated are in the millions.

Fireworks were scheduled for tonight and they have been postponed. 

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