Stratford Bans Fishing Along Beach Drive Seawall

Town officials in Stratford voted last week to ban fishing at the seawall along Beach Drive for safety issues.

Dennis Turner has been fishing at the popular spot for a few years.

”It’s excellent,” Turner said. “The porgies are biting. Everybody’s catching fish. I mean anybody can catch a fish…yeah, if you come here anybody can catch a fish.”

Turner, like others, did not know about the recently passed ban. Stratford Police said they have received several complaints, such as fishermen cleaning their catch at the wall. Police said it has also impacted foot traffic.

”If there’s a ban and they say there’s a ban, I respect that a 100 percent,” said Turner. “I’m a law-abiding citizen.”

”I can relate somewhat to that, but it looks like you would come up with some other accommodations then for the fishermen,” said Stratford resident Lourine Esaw.

Esaw was at the wall Friday afternoon. He was upset to learn that one of his favorite spots is now off-limits.

”I’m very disappointed to hear that they’re banning fishing in the area altogether. I mean the fishing was just starting to get good.”

Stratford police said they are working to inform people about the ban. Captain Frank Eannotti said enforcement of the ordinance will begin in about two weeks.

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