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Stratford Police to Issue $100 Infractions for Social Distancing Violations

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The city of Stratford will allow police to issue $100 infractions to those who fail to practice social distancing, the mayor's office announced Wednesday.

Mayor Laura R. Hoydick said the enforcement is aimed to ensure compliance of the governor's orders to maintain a distance of at least six feet from others, and to gather in groups of no more than five. Police will give a warning first, but those who fail to practice social distancing can face a $100 infraction.

“Most residents who are using our recreational facilities are observing thee guidelines that are meant to reduce the spread of COVID-19, but there are some who are failing to do so,” the mayor wrote in a press release. “We need to make it understood that we are very serious about enforcing the Governor’s Executive Orders at our public facilities, and those who disobey will be cited.”

According to numbers released by the state Wednesday,

This will apply to recreational areas including town parks, beaches, ponds, forests and other areas like playgrounds, sports fields and docks. Those wishing to report violations of the social distancing rules can contact the Stratford Police Department at 203-385-4100 or use the 411 app available on the Stratford Police Department website.

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