Student Allegedly Brought Tainted Cupcakes to Winsted School

A student allegedly brought in tainted cupcakes to a school in Winsted on Wednesday, the principal said. 

The principal of the Gilbert School in Winsted said the batter of cupcakes brought into the school was tainted with an unconfirmed non-drug substance. 

The cupcakes were given out to a few students, Principal Alan Strauss said. 

School officials said they contacted Winsted Police who helped collect evidence obtained by the school.

Strauss said at least two sets of parents spoke with police.

It is unclear if any charges were pressed. 

"We take all matters of disrespect, any violations of one's space or rights, or any forms of harassment very seriously and we are vigorously investigating this incident," Strauss said.

It is unclear what the tainted fluid is. 

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