Principal: There is No Ban on Yoga Pants and Leggings

On Monday, North Haven High School students, both males and females, walked the halls in yoga pants and leggings as a part of a student protest.

This came after a school administrator said last week that a ban on yoga pants and leggings might take effect this week, according to students.

However, the principal said there will not be a ban on yoga pants and he is not sure where the rumor came from.

A meeting for students, parents and faculty will be held in the library after school on Wednesday to talk with students in general about what "appropriate attire" is.

“We want to work with our kids so they can understand that things need to be school-appropriate.” Principal Russell J. Dallai told the Hartford Courant.

"If we've worn them this long and there hasn't been any issues, than I think we should be able to continue to wear them," Christina Sanzari, a student, said.

Parents agree that clothing should be appropriate, but also believe it is unfair to ban any clothing item that has been so popular and worn without problems in the past.

"They were spending a lot of their own money on their back-to-school clothes and they bought  yoga pants, and if they can't wear them, their wardrobe is limited," Kelly Ross, a parent, said.

Many students have already signed a petition against the rumored ban and one student, Nathaly Roman, told the Hartford Courant, “Right now it’s like a war between the students and the administration.”

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