Students in Manchester Build Prosthetic Hands for Other Children

Finger by finger, students at Illing Middle School are building prosthetic hands for children in need.

Twenty 7th graders at the Manchester school volunteered their time to assemble hands for the Prosthetic Kids Hand Challenge.

"It would be just cool to see their faces when they get one of these. Just think of that for a second," said student Zane Ramsey. "That's just a sight that should make you do this all alone."

"One act of kindness can change a person's life," said Meagan Miazga, while putting together a hand.

That's what these kids are hoping to do. They assembled six, 3-D printed prosthetic hands. Each took 80 hours to print.

The seventh graders are part of Jenn Rainey's language arts classes. There, they read books focusing on different disabilities, which inspired the project.

"(A) hand they can use for their work or anything like that. I feel like I'm doing something very good right now," student Camren Daley said.

The students plan to send out the hands by the end of the week.

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