Sunday Suds in CT?


Could you be picking up a 6-pack on Super Bowl Sunday next year in Connecticut?  Yes, if a state lawmaker gets her way.

Rep. Kathy Tallarita of Enfield is the latest politician here to push the 7 days a week liquor sales.  Currently, Connecticut is one of only 3 states that enforces the so called "Blue Law".

But for many package store owners, it's about the bottom line and not all of them are ready to open an extra day.  "You'll do a little business on Sunday, but in essence, you don't make any more money and you still have the overhead of payroll, electricity and heat," said Denise Oswell of Myott's Package Store in Enfield.

Across the border in Massachusetts, alcohol is sold on Sundays, and that's why other liquor store owners in the town want to give it a shot.  "A lot of my customers always ask me why I'm not open and I say Connecticut hasn't given me that option yet," said Angie Nguyen of Stateline Package Store.

The bill is simply proposed at this point. Lawmakers are set to discuss the issue again the second week of February.

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