Surveillance Captures Thief Steal Packages from Bristol Home

Police are warning residents to track and guard their holiday purchases after a resident caught a woman stealing packages from his home.

FedEx and UPS delivered packages to Wilson Cursino’s home on Lake Avenue in Bristol on Monday morning and he caught it on surveillance video, which shows a dark gray Mazda 3 pull into his driveway hours after the delivery.

Then, it shows a woman step out of the passenger door and take a package that was by his back garage door, then go to his front door and steal a second package, he said.

“You feel like your privacy is gone, someone is just stealing things in your front door, which is horrible," Cursino said.

He said the security cameras are in plain sight and captured the make and model of the car, as well as the license plate, so he took it to police, who typically see these crimes escalate in the holiday season.

Police are warning residents you to track your packages and always have them delivered to an address where someone will be there to accept it.

If something is stolen, call police immediately to report it.

“If we’re in the area, we’ll respond, but it’s difficult because it’s such a random crime. There’s no set patterns, usually,” Lt. Richard Guerrera, of Bristol Police, said.

Cursino said he hopes that sharing his story will help others protect your purchases this holiday season.

“I hope people get more vigilant and they can watch out for their other neighbors here,” he said.

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