Tax Experts Say Watch Out for Scams

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As tax season gets underway, Connecticut Attorney General William Tong and other state leaders are warning people to be careful of potential scams.

“Be careful with your personal information and be careful around tax season,” said Tong.

Scam artists often try to impersonate someone you would trust and they are most interested in getting personal information, like a Social Security number, or access to your money.

The first thing state leaders suggest is to file your taxes early.

“If you get your filing in early you can preempt somebody who may make a false filing in your name and really complicate your ability to get a refund or keep your records straight with the IRS,” said Michelle Seagull, the commissioner of the Department of Consumer Protection.

State leaders also suggest you research tax preparers to make sure you can trust the person with your personal information.

“We register tax preparers so if there’s ever a question about the integrity or the capability of the preparer you’re using, please reach out to the agency,” said John Biello, the acting commissioner for the Department of Revenue Services.

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The attorney general also recommends you pay close attention to notices you get in the mail from the IRS.

“The IRS is not going to call you on the phone and ask for your credit card number,” said Tong. “DRS is not going to call you and say you’ve got a problem, call us right now. They’re not going to call you and tell you to send them gift cards. And if you get something in the mail and it looks suspicious, if you get something that says you filed a duplicate tax return, if you get something about a credit card or a bank account that you’re not familiar with call somebody. Call DRS, called the Department of Consumer Protection, call the attorney general’s office. Be careful.”

You can reach the Department of Consumer Protection online or call (860) 713-6300. You can reach the Office of the Attorney General online or call (860) 808-5318.

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