Technical Issue Causes Delayed Payments for Uber Drivers

What happens when the Uber driver feels like they’re the ones being taken for a ride? A technical issue this weekend delayed payment for several drivers, creating frustration.

“If I completed a trip to Norwich it’s supposed to be a $40 ride, but I only saw the $6 tip, so it was only like I got paid $6,” Uber driver Roger Springer said.

One driver we spoke with, who declined to share his name, said he had two fares this weekend that were delayed. He’s gotten paid for one since, but as of this morning, was still waiting on another.

“I’m not gonna sit down for it to happen to me again,” he said. “So, I’m watching my money closely so if it happens to me again, I’ll call them again."

We did contact Uber, who issued this statement:

“Our understanding is these drivers' payments have been processed. We are looking into why they were delayed, but any driver with a payment issue should contact driver support or visit our driver support center in Stamford.”

Another driver we spoke with, known only as Brian, said he did try contacting driver support.

“Every time I called Uber, it just rang and rang and rang and I didn’t get paid for a couple of trips,” he said.

Brian told us he’s been an Uber driver for nearly four years and these issues are usually quickly resolved.

“They promise within 48 hours. It’s usually quicker than that, but these last few rides I didn’t get paid for, nobody’s responded,” he said, saying he’s waited days for a response.

Springer said he did get through to Uber who he said explained to him the fares were showing up on their end but not on his. Springer also said he thinks the issues were isolated to this past weekend and things have returned to normal.

“So far, so good today,” Springer said. “They cleaned up pretty well yesterday. Everything went back normal and I haven’t seen any issues with it today so far.”

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