Military Bases Tighten Security Amid Terror Concerns

Military bases across the country are tightening security amid a fresh wave of terrorism concerns – among them, the submarine base in Groton.

"I'm not at liberty to talk about certain reports," said U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal. "There are heightened threats that come and go, and we may be in one of them right now.?

Military installations around the U.S. have heightened security just days after two Americans were shot and killed as they allegedly prepared to attack an event in Texas depicting cartoon pictures of the prophet Muhammed. Experts say ISIS may have inspired the men.

The "Class Bravo" threat is said to be mid-level, indicating "an increased or more predictable threat of terrorist activity" and demanding "an increas in ID checks and vehicle searches."

Civilians who live and work near Subase New London feel the ripple effect.

"I mean it's definitely concerning, especially you living around the area, we got the Coast Guard, got the Navy base. It's scary, you know, we live close by. Anything could happen at any time," said New London resident Oriel Hayer.

Ray Fusconi of Groton has a unique perspective. Until two years ago, he owned a dry cleaning shop directly across from the base. He noted that the most conspicuous security changes have happened since 9/11.

"I have no fear. I served in World War II, I have no fear, but I respect it, I respect the high-security," said Fusconi.

This latest security increase is not the result of a specific threat from ISIS, but the FBI says after the Texas incident, it's more concerned than ever about home-grown ISIS sympathizers and their recruitment via social media.

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