Thousands Attend Town Hall Meetings Addressing Concerns About Trump Policies

More than two thousand Connecticut voters came out Tuesday night to ask questions and voice concerns about what's going on in Washington to their elected officials.

A rowdy crowd filled West Hartford’s town hall. And even more rowdy voters flooded Norwalk’s Concert Hall. All attendees let both Democratic Senator Chris Murphy, and Democratic Congressman Jim Himes know their concerns with President Trump's Administration.

“This is a deliberate campaign to try to delegitimize those institutions that could tell the truth about what he is doing.” Said Senator Chris Murphy.

"I will raise my voice of on what you asked on subsequent issues," said Congressman Jim Himes.

The speakers who braved the long lines to the mic stand didn't hold back. On everything from gun control to sanctuary cities.

"I don't want guns in my school because of potential grizzles," said student Karsten Rynearson.

"Five weeks I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. I wanted him to know there's a face to the affordable care act," said Autumn Mathison-Edoff of Weston.

Both lawmakers let visitors know they are working with them for change.

"I will be particularly aggressive against those things that I believe that are inconsistent with our American values," said Himes.

"Don't assume that none of (Republicans) understand the stakes that are presented," said Murphy.

Other issues brought up included: immigration, net neutrality and the President’s tax returns.

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