Thousands of Car Owners to Receive Emissions Late Fee Notices

Car owners in Connecticut may soon get bills for late fees for vehicles that haven't been tested for emissions since last August.

The Department of Motor Vehicles stopped sending late fee notices last summer as it switched to a new computer system. The DMV will begin re-sending bills for emissions late fees on June 23. The first phase of the restart will cover about 200,000 vehicles, the DMV said.

Customers will receive a bill for each late vehicle, whether they still own it or not. The bill is based on ownership at the time the emissions test was due, according to the DMV.

The late fee is $20 per vehicle. A vehicle is considered late if it is 31 days or more past the due date for the emissions test and 61 or more days past the due date following a failed emissions test, the DMV said.

Customers can pay the late fee online, in a DMV branch or through the mail.

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