Top 10 Best Gas Prices in Connecticut as Cost Drops

Connecticut drivers may be noticing a significant change in prices at the gas pump in recent weeks. The lower prices are a pleasant surprise for many during these summer months, which is typically a time of the year when more people are opting to travel by vehicle.

"I'm well aware of it since I'm now an Uber driver and I've got to get gas two or three times a week," said Gerry Zietz of Avon. He said he has been saving about thirty dollars each month because of the recent drop in gas prices. "They've taken a nice plunge," said Zietz.

The average price for regular unleaded gasoline in Connecticut dropped a nickel just this week, to $2.28 per gallon, according to AAA. The average prices is down 55 cents from one year ago.

"Much, much cheaper," said Adreanne Good of West Hartford while she was filling up her gas tank on Monday. "It saves me a lot where I can do extra traveling, extra vacation."

With gasoline supplies high and oil prices low, AAA is expecting prices to stay ‘relatively cheap’ through the rest of the summer and even into the fall.

"This is great news for folks gearing up for a vacation as summer winds down,"said AAA spokesperson Amy Parmenter. "Chances are, wherever they are headed, the price at the pump will be welcoming as well because gas prices nationwide have been falling for almost two months."

Connecticut Drivers See Gas Prices Drop

"It's coming really good time and that's where there's a lot of people driving around, going vacation," said Jose Leano, a Hartford resident who said he and is family are going on a road trip next week.

As for Zietz, he said the current prices come at the perfect time. He said he is able to save some money while he is out making some money as an Uber driver.

"I don't see it coming into my pocket, but I see it coming out of my pocket less," Zietz said.

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