Who the Heck is Will Gregory?

He's the 24-year-old going after Jim Himes seat

It’s official. U.S. Rep. Jim Himes, D-Conn, has an opponent, and a young one at that.

On Monday, Republican, Will Gregory, 24, of New Canaan, announced his candidacy for the 4th District seat.

Addressing concerns about his age, Gregory says it’s a “huge advantage,” and believes his youth will be an asset to his campaign.

"Some of the people who have been most supportive of my candidacy are the 55-plus age bracket, he told the Connecticut Post. “They recognize we need new leadership. If we're going to be a viable party in the future, we need to get our act together right now."

Gregory has already challenged Himes' policies publicly, saying in a news release: "I believe we need to reward hard work, entrepreneurship and innovation. We need to respect taxpayers and rein in the size of government. But regrettably, Jim Himes thinks differently and we are starting to see the effects of that in Connecticut and across the country."

Gregory continued to contest Himes’ record, telling the Post that Himes “ran as an independent-minded, centrist Democrat, and he's proven to be anything but that."

A spokesperson for Himes rebutted Gregory’s comments, saying that his portrayal of Himes’ was off the mark.

"The congressman is always pleased to see young people eager to get involved in public service, but Will needs to do his homework. The congressman has the most independent voting record in the Connecticut delegation," said Elizabeth Kerr, Himes' communications director.

State GOP Chairman Christopher Healy told the paper that although he has been impressed with Gregory’s ambition and enthusiasm, he has a long road ahead.

Here are a few fast facts about Gregory:

  • Former Eagle Scout
  • Attended Gettysburg College
  • Received a master's degree in Global Governance and Diplomacy at Oxford University
  • Worked as a staffer for John McCain's 2009 presidential campaign
  • Executive Director of The Mentis Foundation
  • Advisor for CoreBrand

"For a guy his age, he knows a lot. He's got a lot of energy," Healy told the paper. "There's no getting around the fact that it's going to be a challenge for him because he's very young and new to the scene."

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