Task Force to Address Spring Weekend Violence

UConn is taking action after the death of a student during Spring Weekend.

University President Michael Hogan announced the formation of a task force Wednesday to address the violence and danger associated with the annual college alcohol-fest.

Jafar Karzoun, 20, of Milford died last Saturday of injuries he sustained during a Spring Weekend fight April 23.

Edi Rapo, 19, of East Hartford,  faces second-degree assault charges in connection with the fight.

The biggest problem, Hogan said, are the unsanctioned off-campus gatherings that occur during Spring Weekend.

"We've made every effort to communicate the risks of these unsponsored gatherings to students and parents and taken a number of steps within our jurisdiction in an effort to create a safe environment for our students, yet the risk to our community continues," Hogan said.

But changing a UConn tradition that dates back 40 years won't be easy.

He's given the task force a green light to consider any solutions, including eliminating UConn-sponsored Spring Weekend events and banning student guests on campus during that weekend.

The task force will be made up of senior university administrators.  Hogan has given them until Sept. 1 to present their recommendations.

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