UConn Suspends Sorority Amid Hazing Allegations

Delta Zeta is the third Greek organization to be suspended at UConn in a month.

UConn has suspended another sorority while it investigates allegations the sorority members hazed male fraternity students on the Storrs campus.

The university sent a letter to the president of Delta Zeta on Friday, informing her that the sorority had been placed under interim suspension effective immediately.

The letter written by Kimberly Hill, associate director of community standards at UConn, detailed an incident that took place at Mansfield Apartments on March 7.

"The incident is described as the following: members of Delta Zeta allegedly forcing men involved with a fraternity to consume alcohol, to eat dog treats, to paint their bodies, to wear women's thong underwear and to take shots of alcohol off each other's bodies, among other things," the letter stated.

The suspension includes the loss of privileges to host or participate in any chapter activities.

"This action is preliminary in nature and is utilized when information indicates that the presence of your organization on campus could pose a threat to the health and safety of the campus community," the letter stated.

The suspension will remain in effect until the matter is investigated and resolved.

The national chapter of Delta Zeta also suspended the UConn sorority.

"The Sorority does not condone hazing and is committed to its eradication," said Jeanine Triplett, national president of Delta Zeta.  "These alleged actions are an embarrassment and disapointment not only to Delta Zeta Sorority, but to the entire Greek community."

UConn has warned the sorority members that any retaliation against a person for filing a complaint or providing information during the investigation is a violation of "The Student Code" of the university.

The action comes a month after a sorority and a fraternity at UConn were suspended for hazing allegations.

A Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority member came forward last month to say she and others were forced to drink by her sorority members and members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity.

The student ended up in the hospital after blacking out.

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