Upscale Grocer Goes Up For Sale

Upscale grower Whole Foods is selling one its two West Hartford stores.

The Bishop’s Corner location will be sold as part of a federal anti-trust settlement announced on Friday. That location had been a Wild Oats Store until Whole Foods bought the other healthy food store in 2007. 
"It will be business as usual in the 13 operating stores to be marketed for sale. We are committed to serving our shoppers by continuing to operate these stores in the manner our customers deserve and expect,” said Chief Executive John Mackey in a statement released Friday.
The company went on to say if the stores are sold, employees will either receive a guaranteed job offer in another store or an enhanced severance package.
Whole Foods says if there’s not a buyer, then the company will keep the store.
The Whole Foods in Blueback Square is not impacted by Friday's settlement.


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