Victim Kidnapped, Taken to Bank and Robbed

A victim was kidnapped in Bridgeport, taken to a bank in Fairfield, and robbed of valuables stored in a safe deposit box.

Fairfield police responded to the TD Bank at 1715 Black Rock Turnpike at 2 p.m. on Monday after someone reported a man with a gun at the bank. A bank employee told another witness that there was a man with a gun in the safe deposit area of the bank.

According to police, it appears the gunman kidnapped a person known to him in Bridgeport and forced that person to go to the bank in Fairfield in an attempt to rob the valuables in the victim's safe deposit box.

Two officers working a private duty construction job near the bank responded and arrested on person involved in the incident. They were also able to rescue the victim, police said.

Other arriving officers escorted bank employees to safety and then entered the bank searching for the man with the gun. The bank was empty. The man had left the scene just before officers arrived, according to police.

The gunman was driving a light blue or teal colored Mercedes Benz CLS500 with four doors. Two other perpetrators may have been in the car as well.

Police have not released the identity of the suspect under arrest.

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