Vigil Held for Hartford Man Killed in Bridgeport Shooting

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A Hartford family is demanding justice after a man was shot and killed.

The shooting took place in Bridgeport and surveillance video captured some of the events.

“This is an unexpected tragedy for this family,” said Rev. Henry Brown, Mothers United Against Violence.

On Wednesday at a vigil in Hartford, family and friends remembered Ramon Peguero.

“You all deserve justice. You need to know what happened to Ramon,” Brown said.

Police say surveillance video captured part of the shooting that left the 32-year-old dead in Bridgeport on Sunday.

“It’s not warranted. This should not have happened. But this is a problem we have in Connecticut and around the world,” Brown said.

Bridgeport Police say this began when some 75 people on motorcycles and ATVs were hanging out at a gas station on Fairfield Avenue and at a park across the street.

That’s when there was an altercation and detectives say two men drove up on a scooter and the passenger opened fire.

“We believe a number of rounds were fired, well over a dozen. And one hit the man that died. Two hit the intended target,” said Bridgeport Police Lt. Christopher Lamaine.

Police say the second man hit – Kazzmaire Dorsey – is in critical condition.

Detectives also released images of the people on the scooter right before the gunfire. Now, some are calling for people to speak up to prevent things like this from happening again.

“Our hearts are broken. Children are left without fathers, mothers. It’s time to put an end. I don’t know how many times I’ve said this. It’s time to put an end to this gun violence,” said Henrietta Beckman, Mothers United Against Violence.

Anyone who has any information – especially if you recognize the guys on the scooter – is asked to contact Bridgeport Police.

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