Viral TikTok Video Highlights CT Couple's Paranormal Findings

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A viral video of paranormal investigators transporting haunted items from Ed and Lorraine Warren's museum has gone viral.

The video that was taken last year has been viewed over 400,000 times. The man behind the video is paranormal investigator Eric Vitale. He posted it on TikTok just over a week ago.

I never intended to join TikTok but some of my friends persuaded me they were like, 'just join it, it's fun,'" Vitale said.

In the video, he's seen riding shotgun with New England Society for Psychic Research's Senior Lead Investigator Dan Rivera.

They were transporting several items from the Warren's museum to the Marriott Hotel in Waterbury for Paracon, an event presenting all things supernatural.

Among the items, the infamous, cursed doll Annabelle - an inspiration for several block busters.

"We were literally just driving out of the driveway and all of the haunted items with us and I just made a little video to keep that moment in time, like here we are we've got Annabelle," Vitale said.

Vitale didn't realize the attention that short video would have until after he posted it. While the video has gained a lot of attention from all over, he said he and his colleagues have the utmost respect for the items and handle them with care.

"We take this very seriously. Our faith is very strong - all of us. So we bless the van, we all have enormous amounts of holy water,” he added.

Vitale recorded and posted another video back in April that's also gained traction. It shows the precautions he said are needed when NESPR workers move the Annabelle doll.

"We have a priest come in, bless the area, bless the items," Vitale said.

When asked why so many people are so interested in the paranormal, he said:

"It's just so fascinating, you know? I remember in an old episode of the Seekers of the Supernatural and Ed Warren said people are becoming a lot more aware in the next 20, 25 years just wait and he was right!" he said.

The second annual Paracon event will be held Saturday, Oct. 29 at 10 a.m. at Mohegan Sun. If interested, you can find more details by clicking here.

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