Waiting To Get Paid For Her Valuables Gets Old For Antique Collector

Ellen Baron of Warren treasures her antiques. She’s been collecting them since she was a teenager.

“I just like the history to some of it and imagining who had and how it was used,” said Baron.

Over the years, the Warren resident started accumulating a lot of items and even opened an antique business. Two years ago, Baron consigned a few of her pieces to On The Hunt Consignment shop in New Milford.

She signed a contract to consign four Stained-glass windows, a Victorian Lion’s Foot Chestnut Buffet and a Vintage Whiskey Jug. She said owner Gary Pelletier agreed to give her 50 percent of the sale.

“He had them for a while. They didn’t sell and then one day I’m driving around and see a sign that the store is going out of business,” said Baron.

Baron said the consignment shop shut down without warning.

“I got in touch with him and he said he tried to notify me,” said Baron. “I never got any emails or any notice.”

She said Pelletier informed her that he turned her items over to Middlebury Consignment Shop in Cornwall Bridge.

“He said get in touch with them. I’m waiting for them to pay me for the stuff, and when they do, I will pay you,” Baron said.

When Baron went to Middlebury Consignment, she recovered her stained-glass windows, but not her chestnut buffet or whiskey jug.

After going back and forth with both consignment shop owners, Baron contacted NBC Connecticut Responds.

We visited the On The Hunt consignment shop in New Milford and found an empty storefront. Nearby business owners told us it closed two years ago.

According to those business owners, Pelletier moved to Maine. He hasn’t responded to NBC Connecticut Responds for comment.

Baron discovered that On The Hunt sold her items to Middlebury Consignment before going out of business. She said On the Hunt never paid her for her portion of the proceeds.

We called and emailed Middlebury Consignment. We also paid the store a visit and were told the owner was unavailable and that we should speak with their attorney, Jeff Tinley.

Tinley confirmed that the items were indeed sold— $1600 for the chestnut buffet and $20 dollars for the jug. He said because Middlebury purchased the items outright from the first dealer, they are not obligated to pay Baron anything.

According to state law, while your goods are in possession of the consignee, they have the rights and title to transfer and keep them.

As a goodwill gesture, Tinley said Middlebury Consignment will pay Baron $800 for the sold pieces.

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