Warmer Weather Brings People Out During Holiday Break

From the boardwalk to the golf green, people soaked in the warmer temperatures in New London County Monday.

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People across Connecticut spent the day outside Monday, soaking in warmer weather. Temperatures went from frigid last week to mild just two days before Christmas.

“It is a beautiful day!” said Jederick Baez Gonzalez, a 10-year-old from New London.

Monday marked the first day of winter break for Jederick and his younger brother Jordani. Their grandfather wanted to make sure they enjoyed the nice weather after freezing weather the week before.

“They spent the whole day practically inside the house,” said Jose Perez, Jederick and Jordani’s grandfather. “It wasn’t good.”

Perez took his grandsons to Ocean Beach Park. He said it was his mission to make sure they had fun, but he also wanted to make the most of the quality time he had with them.

“I hope they get good memories of this,” said Perez. “The fact is that as a grandfather, we like them to get the best of us.”

Many other people flocked to Ocean Beach Park Monday as well. Dennis Pederson was running on the boardwalk and training for his second triathlon.

“This weather is ideal for running,” said Pederson. “Ideal for being outside. You don’t want to be in on a day like today.”

NBC Connecticut found more outdoor lovers across the river in Groton at the Shennecossett Golf Course. Golfers said that they wanted to take advantage of the warm weather. One said that the ground was finally thawing out. Before, the frozen ground made it difficult for the tee to stay in place.

“We are out here just capturing the beauty,” said Tyler Burdick from Waterford. “It has been terrible out lately. You come out with a gigantic sweater on you can't really swing a good club.”

The weather also benefitted people doing their last-minute holiday shopping in Downtown New London.

"It is a beautiful day. Really great day to walk around,” said Marian Tomlinson from Groton. “There are some gorgeous shops here."

Monday was the first day Tomlinson was able to get out and shop because of work. She said she was grateful that the weather was not the same as last week. Local business owners, like Sara Munro at Studio 33 Art and Frame Gallery, were grateful too.

“The weather has a great impact on this job,” said Munro. “It has turned nice and I am just so happy that people can come in and shop. It has made it easier for folks. I have been more excited about it myself.”

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