When Homeschooling Gets Tough, Clinton Police Come to Mom's Aid

Light on a state police vehicle
NBC Connecticut

Parenting is different because of the COVID-19 pandemic and police work can be too.

Overnight, parents had to become home-school teachers with no preparation, sometimes while managing to work from home at the same time.

Clinton police came to the rescue of one mom whose son was particularly not happy about having to do his school work – reading at home while schools are closed.

Police said they responded to the home after getting a report of loud noises and it turned out that the source of the noise was a 5-year-old who was “voicing his displeasure” about having to do his reading.

Coming to mom’s defense, police explained the importance of doing his schoolwork – and listening to his mom.

The little boy agreed to do what police asked and the situation was resolved.

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