Windsor Woman Says ‘Discounted' Cell Service Nearly Cost Her

Deborah Moylan was attracted to a Sprint deal that offered to pay off her Verizon bill if she switched service providers.

Deborah Moylan signed up to switch from Verizon to Sprint during a promotion that would save her hundreds of dollars on the bill. But she reached out to NBC Connecticut Responds for help when she ran into a problem with the payoff for the final Verizon bill.

As a AAA member, Moylan enjoys all the perks. She wanted to save even more money and jumped at the chance to get a discount on her cell phone bill. It was part of a promotional offer through Sprint for AAA members 55 and older.

“I’ve never been with anybody other than Verizon,” said Deborah Moylan.

The Sprint deal offered to pay off Moylan’s Verizon bill if she made the switch to Sprint. Her new monthly bill would be $70 for two cell phone lines.

“It required us to come into the store, make sure our current equipment was compatible,” said Moylan.

Moylan and her husband met with the sales associate to switch their phones over to the Sprint Network and submit the final Verizon bill to pay off. She thought it would be a simple process.

“He informed me that only the store manager can enter the information into the computer and he was out that day,” said Moylan.

So, the couple left the store and came back a second, then a third, and a fourth time where she says each visit they were met with more excuses about why Sprint couldn’t follow through on the deal.

“We were told by the store manager that unfortunately when he tried to enter the information into their promotion, it didn’t take it,” said Moylan.

When Moylan pushed back, she said the store manager and the sales associate referred the payment problem to the district manager. He called Moylan and told her that:

“The problem was not going to be taken care because there was no money in the budget,” said Moylan.

Frustrated over her $713 outstanding Verizon bill, she contacted NBC CT Responds for help.

A Sprint spokesperson told us in a statement: “In order to protect their privacy, we do not typically share information about our customers. However, I am pleased to report that our Customer Care team was able to connect with Ms. Moylan and find a resolution.”

After we reached out, Moylan confirmed to us that Sprint gave her a $713 credit to pay off her Verizon bill.

“I was thrilled. I was thrilled. It was perfect,” Moylan said.

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