Witnesses Rushed to Save Driver from Vehicle That Burst Into Flames on I-84

Police lights
NBC Connecticut

People who witnessed a crash on Interstate 84 in Willington Sunday made a daring rescue and saved a driver from a vehicle that burst into flames.

Officials from the Willington Fire Department said firefighters and EMTs from Willington Fire Department #1 and Willington Hill Fire Department responded and found off-duty emergency medical personnel caring for the driver on the side of the highway.

The vehicle was burning and people who witnessed the crash stopped and quickly removed the driver from the vehicle and moved the person to a safe area while the vehicle burst into flames, according to fire officials.

The driver was later transported to the hospital in serious condition.

“Although we do not know who the individuals were who witnessed this accident and took the time to stop, we can confidently say that if not for their brave and selfless actions, the outcome could have been very different,” a statement from the fire department said.

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