Yale Accepts All Four Quadruplets

Quads will need lots of moola for Boola

Caroline and Steven Crouch had reason enough to be proud when Yale said yes to their 18-year-old son, Ray Crouch, on Tuesday night.

But, the Danbury mom would soon learn that all four of her quadruplets were admitted to the Ivy League school, early admission no less, the New York Times reports.

Minutes later, Ray’s brother, Kenny, got an identical admission message. So did sister Carol. Same news. Then the room fell silent. Ray, Kenny and Carol are quadruplets. Martina was the last to check.

“I was thinking, it’s going to be really awkward when I don’t get in,” Martina told the New York Times on Friday.

She did.

This is the first time anyone seems to be aware of Yale offering admission to quadruplets, albeit it an informal report, the News-Times reports.

Danbury High School Principal Robert Rossi told the Connecticut Post that he learned when he took the job that the quads were special.

"In all my travels around the school, they are everywhere, from Peer Leadership to the Board of Governors, the Art Honor Society and as National Merit finalists,'' Rossi told the newspaper. "The school is extremely proud of them."

They don’t yet know if they will all go. They have until May 1 to decide. It comes down to money as Steven works for the state as a case manager in the Department of Mental Health and Caroline is a stay-at-home mother studying for her master’s degree in social work.

So, the wait continues.

Kenny has an interview with Harvard and they all applied to the University of Connecticut, but only Martina has heard she got in yet.

Jeffrey Brenzel, the dean of admissions at Yale, sent the Times a message on Friday, saying, “Their applications were terrific, and we simply hope that they will all decide to come!”

Ken wants to study political science or medicine, the News Time reports. Ray, who has had many asthma trouble recently, he might study science and focus on asthma research. Martina wants to do humanitarian work or art therapy and Carol wants to study comparative literature, cultural anthropology, photojournalism and drama.

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