Young Volunteers Help Dig Out Homes in Waterbury

More than 20 kids with the Waterbury Police Activity League bundled up brought their shovels to dig out anyone who may need help. 

"We’re going around and shoveling for people who are stuck in," one volunteer, Louis Rios, said. 

It’s freezing outside, but their energy is enough to keep you warm.

"I woke up, slept good, ate well- I’m all ready for it," another volunteer, Jason Basant, said.

These young volunteers will be visiting at least 40 homes in Waterbury and digging out whoever needs it.

"It’s not that cold when you’re doing the work, but I feel happy to help other people and not just myself for once," Daiza Rios, a volunteer, said.

Waterbury Police Deputy Chief Fernando Spagnolo said the storm on Thursday brought a season's worth of snow in one night and there are a lot of people who are either elderly or disabled who may need a hand. 

The kids worked on Saverio Romanelli's path and driveway.

"It makes me appreciate things because some of us are disabled and it's hard for us to do things, especially shoveling," Romanelli said.

The volunteers said they get joy from helping.

"I feel great. I’m glad I'm helping people out," Basant said.

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