Sanders, Clinton Agree on One Thing: Enough With the ‘Damn Emails'

Clinton laughs, says, "Thank you, Bernie"

Democratic presidential frontrunners Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders clashed over many things at their party's first debate, but they joined forces on one very big issue that's dogged Clinton's campaign for months: her email server.

Asked about his thoughts Sanders came out with a full-throated defense of the former secretary of state, who's been accused of obscuring her record by using a private email address to conduct business in the office. She's now under House of Representatives investigation as the FBI investigates an email server she turned over.

"The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails," Sanders declared, earning raucous applause from the crowd at the Las Vegas debate.

And Clinton appreciated the gesture as well, shaking Sanders' hand and laughing as she thanked him.

Clinton said the debate over her use of a private email server is being ginned up by Republicans. She says she made a mistake, but the committee investigating the matter is "basically an arm of the Republican National Committee."

She said she'd rather talk about health care, student debt and issues that affect voters.

Moderator Anderson Cooper then asked former Rhode Island governor and senator Lincoln Chafee, who's said on the campaign trail that the email scandal is hurting the party, if he stood by those comments. He said he did, elaborating that he thought the president should exemplify the country's highest ethical standards.

Clinton was given a chance to respond, which she turned down with an emphatic: "No."

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