iPhone Security Flaw Revealed

Bug to be revealed in Vegas today


Two cybersecurity experts are boasting they have found a bug in the iPhone that will allow it to be hacked.

 Forbes magazine reports that Charlie Miller and Collin Mulliner will release details Thursday at cybersecurity conference in Las Vegas.

Here's how it would work: Your iPhone would receive a text message of a single square character.  That single text would give a hacker access to everything in your phone, which, of course, would lead mass mayhem.

The two researchers claim to have found an SMS flaw that sends a series of mostly invisible texts that give the hacker power over all iPhone functions. Those include dialing, surfing and using the Web camera. The virus part comes in because they also say your phone will then send out more text messages that would then infect other smartphones.

If you get the single character text, Miller and Mulliner advise, "turn your phone off immediately."

They said they informed Apple of the bug months ago, but say the company has not provided a patch. 

Apple was not immediately available for comment.

Technically, this isn't a virus but rather "a security hole."

Miller and Mulliner blame it on a "serious memory corruption bug."

It isn't clear why today would be the trigger for the bug, other than the fact that there is a conference in Las Vegas today that gives the two a platform to speak.

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