The Family Jewels

Which came first with you two, dating or the collection?

We started dating first and together launched a collection of jewelry and hair accessories called JoomiNYC in 2008 which quickly became a trademark style of Gossip Girl.  After finding success with the collection, we decided to take our brand to the next level and in 2009 and introduced a high-fashion jewelry collection aptly named Joomi Lim. 

Were you at all hesitant about mixing your personal and professional lives?

Not at all, it was pretty natural for us. We both work so much that if it was not together we would never see each other! 

What are the best parts about being married and working together? The toughest, most challenging part of living with your work partner?

Both the best and toughest part of working together is the same: you're around each other 24/7. 

It's very hard to balance personal and work life when you work with your partner.  We can't avoid talking about work over dinner or while walking our dogs.  Work is definitely taking over our personal life at this stage of our business—but we don't mind! We love what we do and it's wonderful to have each other to share and support one another. 

What drives you nuts about each other respectively?

Xavier:  Joomi is bossy! 

Joomi: Xavier has no memory. 

Are there any married work partnerships you admire?

There are so many married work partners that we admire and look up to. The first ones that comes in mind are Charles and Ray Eames, Pierre and Marie Curie, and of course YSL & Berger, Gaultier & Menuge, Valentino & Giancarlo. 

Tell our viewers and readers something surprising they would never guess about the two of you.

We don’t speak each other’s native languages. Joomi can’t speak French and Xavier doesn't speak Korean! 

If you could peek into anyone's medicine cabinet, whose would you pick?

Joomi: I would love to take a look inside Anna Wintour’s medicine cabinet. 

Xavier: It would be really interested to see what is in the President’s medicine cabinet, so I pick Obama. 

A sample from their Tribe Festival collection:

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