J.Lo Still Sore with “Bruised Bone” After AMAs

"It was awful, but, you know, it happened"

J. Lo has moved on from last month's blooper performance at the American Music Awards, but her famous derriere has yet to recover.

“I have a bruised bone," Lopez told talk show host Ellen DeGeneres on Thursday, People reported. "What happened was one of the dancers' backs was slippery from sweat and lights and everything. We never bargained for that because they always had T-shirts on in rehearsal.”

The former “Fly Girl” dancer from the hit ‘90s TV show “In Living Color” said wet feet caused her to slip and briefly land on the stage floor after stepping of her dancers’ backs -- but she refused to let it affect the rest of her routine. 

"I was up and all I could think was, I have to get the next beat,” she said. “I have to do this dance solo right now. I had no time to think about it."

It was only after the widely mocked performance ended that she calmed down and the reality of what had transpired set in. 

"It was awful, but, you know, it happened," Lopez said.

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