'We Got Your Back': Celebs Root for Team USA

Leslie Jones got an invite from executive producer of the NBC Olympics after hilariously live-tweeting the competitions

Leslie Jones has been pumped up about the Olympics, taking to social media to root for Team USA in her hilarious videos. 

On Sunday, she kept live-tweeting the events, gaining the attention of the executive producer of the NBC Olympics.

"OK @Lesdoggg you're officially invited to Rio, Bell tweeted to Jones. "Want to come?" Jones soon responded: "hmmmm don't play cause y'all need me! I would have the whole Olympics pumped!!"

Bell wanted to assure Jones the invite was serious. "@Lesdoggg wow is this what good Twitter feels like? Great call @shoemakermike TY. Leslie will connect wu tomorrow. Everyone else stay tuned!," he tweeted.

On Monday, Leslie Jones announced she's busy packing for Rio. "Guess who's going to Rio," the "SNL" and "Ghostbusters" star sang in a tweet, waving an American flag and sporting a Rio 2016 cap.

Jones is not the only celebrity excited about the Rio games. 

Samuel L. Jackson has also been enthusiastically live tweeting the Games. 

Apparently, Matthew McConaughey is a rugby fan. Wearing a Team USA t-shirt, he stood on the pitch and watched as the U.S. women’s rugby team defeated Fiji 12-7 on Monday. 

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis shared a photo on Instagram, sporting the official opening ceremony (light-up) jackets. Kutcher wrote, “Arm chair Olympians. Go team USA!!! We got your back. Ty for the blazers @ralphlauren. #liketolight.”

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Jessica Alba watched the opening ceremony with her family. She shared a photo on Instagram, captioned: "We are so stoked about this years Olympics! Go @kerrileewalsh Go team #usa #olympics2016."

Sarah Jessica Parker, posted a shot of her TV screen, and wrote, "Yes! Let the games begin. X, Sj #rio2016."

In an earlier post, Parker wrote about how she remembers her parents saving money to buy a television to watch the 1976 Olympics. 

"I've been rooting for team USA ever since," she wrote.

The post included a photo of her wearing a navy blue jacket designed by Ralph Lauren "as part of an effort to raise funds for our American athletes."

"For every 'like' that this post gets, a dollar goes towards US Olympics Committee's Team for ​Tomorrow Program​. A wonderful initiative which supports our young American athletes in training. Let the games begin," Parker wrote. 

Eliza Dushku was also cheering for USA athletes, sharing a fireworks-filled Instagram story. “Pretty obvious. #olympic #wallclimbers #boulder on, kid us," the "Bring It On" star wrote.

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Camilla Belle has been sharing Instagram posts from Rio, including a video from the opening ceremony. "USA!! #camillastravels #rio #olympics," #openingceremony," she wrote in the caption. 

Cheering on Team USA in Rio is Secretary of State John Kerry. He dropped by a U.S. Olympic training facility Friday and stopped by several competitions on Saturday, including women's beach volleyball and tennis.

"Not only are we expecting all of you breaking some records, but we want you to contribute in the great American tradition of the spirit of competition and the values of our country," Kerry told several dozen athletes training at Brazil's Naval Academy, Reuters reported. "Break barriers. Find a different way to resolve the differences between us."

The U.S. State Department has been sharing photos of Kerry in Rio on its Instagram page. 

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