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‘Stranger Things' Star Shannon Purser Comes Out as Bisexual

Purser also warns some viewers against watching "13 Reasons Why"

"Stranger Things" star Shannon Purser has come out as bisexual on Twitter. The actress tweeted a screenshot of her iPhone notes which read:

"I don't normally do this, but I figure now is as good a time as any to get personal. I've only just recently come out as bisexual to my family and friends. It's something I am still processing and trying to understand and I don't like talking about it too much. I'm very very new to the LGBT community..."

This may not come as a shock to fans who read Shannon's recent chain of tweets discussing the pressure that comes with defining one's sexuality.

Stranger Things' Shannon Purser Gets Candid About Having Anxiety Over Her Sexuality

The star came out via social media after receiving backlash for addressing a fan who suggested her character on CW show "Riverdale" should date another female character, Veronica. In addition to coming out as bisexual, Shannon addressed the controversy in her note.

"I have never heard the term the term 'queerbaiting' in my life until today," she wrote. "That being said, I have never ever wanted to alienate anyone and my tweet was thoughtless. I wasn't referring to all the beronica shippers, just the ones who has been particularly cruel to me personally. Either way, it wasn't a wise or kind thing to say and I'm disappointed in myself, especially as a Christian who has always been taught to speak love to others. Thank you to all the people who kindly reached out to me and educated me about the reality your feelings about queerbaiting and I apologize to those who were hurt."

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Shannon is most famously known for playing Barb on Netflix original series "Stranger Things," but she is also known for being candid with her audience on Twitter. Not only has she used the platform to address her sexuality, but she has also addressed her history with self-harm and body issues.

Back in August 2016, she tweeted, "Can I be super real? Didn't think a girl with my body type could get this far. I'm so thankful and excited. Much love to you all."

In November 2016, she shared a photo of her holding a razor blade. Shannon stated on the social site, "*TRIGGER WARNING* I haven't self-harmed in years, but I kept this around, 'just in case'. I forgot it was there &now it's in the trash." She followed up her tweet with another, writing, "Recovery is possible. Please don't give up on yourself."

Earlier this week, Purser also warned that the Netflix original "13 Reasons Why" could also have a negative effect on the mental health of some viewers for its graphic depiction of rape and suicide. 

"I would advise against watching 13 Reasons Why if you currently struggle with suicidal thoughts or self harm/have undergone sexual assault," she wrote. "There are some very graphic scenes in there that could easily trigger painful memories and feelings. Please protect yourselves."

Still, she acknowledged that "there are lots of really good things about the show" and said it could be "helpful to some." 

While Purser's tweets are extremely open and vulnerable, they always end with an optimistic outlook for the future. The actress tweeted an hour after coming out, "Psalms 42 God is too kind to me."

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