Telemundo Host Adamari López Responds to Swimsuit Criticism

Telemundo morning show host Adamari López said she will not stop showing herself “as I am” despite online criticism about her weight after she shared a photo of herself in a swimsuit. 

López, the Puerto Rican-born host of Un Nuevo Día who has also appeared in Spanish-language soap operas, celebrated her 46th birthday recently in Mexico’s Riviera Maya and shared on Instagram a beach photo with her partner Toni Costa, a Spanish dancer and choreographer.

“I am at ease and I will not stop showing myself as I am, because I am happy with myself,” she said in response to criticism over how she looked. 

She added that “of course” she would like to be thinner but said that the possibility of losing weight is not something that drives her crazy. 

“I believe that I have a lot of worth as a woman and that nobody has to be with me because I am fat or skinny,” she said. “And I am very calm and happy doing the things that I enjoy and showing myself as I am because I’m happy with myself.”

Read a Spanish version of this story from our Telemundo sister station here.

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