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Want 100 Cockroaches in Your Home? NC Company Will Pay You As It Tests New Pest Control Method

ThePestInformer in Raleigh is “willing to pay homeowners $2,000” for the 30-day study and is looking to release the cockroaches in five to seven homes across the U.S.

Extreme close-up of a dead Nauphoeta cockroach, insect head macro
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A North Carolina pest control company is offering homeowners $2,000 for it to release about 100 cockroaches in their homes in an effort to study a treatment method.

ThePestInformer in Raleigh said in a notice that the company is looking to release the American cockroaches in five to seven homes so it can "gauge how effective this treatment is."

David Floyd, founder of ThePestInformer, told NBC News he is hoping to try about 10 new treatments, which "are designed to be more DIY treatments with materials and ingredients that someone can purchase themselves and that are safe to family and pets."

He said the company has received more than 2,200 applications for the offer as of Monday afternoon. The application page will remain open through July 31.

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Hundreds of cockroaches were released during an altercation that broke out at an arraignment in a New York courthouse Tuesday, shutting down the courthouse for the remainder of the day for fumigation.
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