Weekend Watch List: Labor Day Ahoy!

Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things on TV to watch while you stay at home and Labor Day weekend. Last chance to go to the beach! And get stuck in traffic! And overpay for ice cream! Get it all in while you can, America! LET’S GO!

GAME TIME: TACKLING THE PAST – 8:00PM Saturday (NBC) It's a good old fashioned TV movie for your viewing pleasure Saturday night, this one about a football star who returns home to reconnect with the friends and family he left behind for fame and fortune. It's a little bit of "Sweet Home Alabama" mixed with a little bit of "Friday Night Lights" with jussst a sprinkling of Poison's "Fallen Angel" video. Surely you cannot resist. ANTICIPATION: FOOTBALLY!

CURIOSITY: PARALLEL UNIVERSES - DO THEY EXIST? – 8:00PM Sunday (Discovery) It's so funny that Discovery Channel asks this question, because in the parallel universe ZYGAX 12, this show is NOT on Sunday night on Discovery Channel. It's just a rerun of "American Choppers". So really, I'd say our parallel universe is the optimal one. ANTICIPATION: FRINGEY!

DINOSAUR REVOLUTION – 9:00PM Sunday (Discovery) It's a new Discovery Channel show about dinosaurs (neat!), including their private lives (juicy!) and strange behaviors (sweet!), and it's animated (enthusiasm stopped dead in its tracks). Two things will always steer me away from a docuseries: re-enactments and bad animation. This one will probably echo "Walking With Dinosaurs," the old Discovery series from 2000 that featured quality dinosaur animation. We can only hope this is on par with that kind of thing. ANTICIPATION: GOOD DINO CARTOONS COST MONEY!

GLAMPING – 10:00PM Sunday (Travel Channel) Take a look at the fad of glamorous camping, aka "glamping." Featuring luxury yurts and designer wigwams and all kinds of stuff that will make you want to find the nearest rich person and beat them with a bag of GORP. ANTICIPATION: GLAMPY!

ALL AMERICAN HANDYMAN – 9:00PM Sunday (HGTV) Who IS the best handyman in America? Is it Bob Vila? Is it Handy Andy? Is it Ace, the helpful hardware guy? Find out in the second season of this show, which pits 20 crack handymen in various events, sleeping with your wife perhaps one of them. In Sunday night's season 2 premiere, contestants have to build something awesome out of two pieces of plywood. Oooh! Oooh! I can make a sandwich board out of that no sweat! ANTICIPATION: HANDY!

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