Weekend Watch List: Some Sort Of Football Game Is Being Played

Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things this weekend that may possibly be worth staying in for, if the estimated 22 inches of snow didn’t already deter you (mid-Atlantic residents only). LET’S GO!

SUPER BOWL 44 – 6:25PM Sunday (CBS)

The last two Super Bowls have had fantastic finishes that even you, Ms. Casual Viewer, could find yourself becoming involved in. And this year’s matchup promises, at the very least, lots and lots of offensive fireworks. It’s Peyton Manning and the Colts taking on Drew Brees and the Saints. These were the two best teams in NFL this year, and now they finally meet on the field. You WILL be compelled. The Who are your halftime entertainment. If they don’t play “Baba O’Riley,” I don’t ever want to speak to them again. By the way, it took me a good 20 years to figure out that “Baba O’Riley” was called “Baba O’Riley.” Couldn’t they have named it “Teenage Wasteland”? And who is this Baba fellow? ANTICIPATION: SUPER.


If you’re a parent as I am, you enjoy tuning into this show to see parents who have an even WORSE handle on their little brats than you do, only you soon realize that your kids act in a very similar manner, if not worse. And then you become very uncomfortable and quickly change the channel to hide your inner shame. Kids will do that to you. ANTICIPATION: ALWAYS HIGH FOR SAUCY BRITISH LADIES IN LIBRARIAN GLASSES

HOUSE OF BONES – 7PM Saturday (SyFy – An NBC/Universal network)

PARKER LEWIS ALERT! Holy smokes, is that really Corin Nemec in this SyFy Z-movie? It is! Synchronize Swatches, people. If Kubiak shows up to help Corin bust some ghost heads, I will be in heaven. Stay tuned at 9PM for another SyFy Z-movie as part of a double feature: “The Cursed,” starring Costas Mandylor. I remember that guy. He was in “Mobsters” with Richard Grieco and Patrick Dempsey. You talk about a triple threat! ANTICIPATION: IT’S PARKER LEWIS! YOU CAN’T LOSE!

SNL – 11:29PM Saturday (NBC)

Ashton Kutcher is your host, but I don’t care about that. This weekend’s musical guest is Them Crooked Vultures. NICE! Josh Homme. Dave Grohl. John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin. Much rocking will ensue. ANTICIPATION: LIGHTER HELD ALOFT

15 Bodacious Bathrooms Marathon – 8pm Sunday (Fine Living)

Super Bowl not your thing? Then try some solid bathroom remodeling. Ooh, look at that towel warmer. That is nice.

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