Bysiewicz, Bermudez Zimmerman Gaining Traction With Different Factions

At 11 a.m. Tuesday, the two Democrats vying to become Connecticut’s next lieutenant governor rolled out their latest slates of endorsements.

For Eva Bermudez Zimmerman, her list was a group of lawmakers in the Connecticut General Assembly who have been looking to pull the Democratic agenda further to the left. She held her event in front of the Legislative Office Building in Hartford.

Susan Bysiewicz made her announcement in Milford, and was flanked by a handful of local leaders like mayors and first selectmen who were all backing Bysiewicz to be the Democrats’ nominee.

"We're putting up a very balanced ticket with Susan as lieutenant governor,” said Derrylyn H. Gorski, Bethany’s first selectman.

That distinction is key because Lamont announced Bysiewicz as his preferred running mate before the party’s May nominating convention.

The Democrats in Bermudez Zimmerman’s corner, however, believe their candidate is a better reflection of the party.

"Eva represents what we say we are as a party,” said Sen. Gary Winfield, a state senator who turned down the opportunity to run for lieutenant governor after weeks of contemplating it.

Winfield was joined by Sen. Martin Looney, Rep. Josh Elliott, Rep. Robyn Porters and many others, who are all considered to be further to the left than many of their Democratic colleagues.

They argue that Bermudez Zimmerman could provide a voice in the campaign that is currently missing on the Democratic side.

"I think working class people resonate with Eva's message and I do think being a part of this whole effort since the convention that the support for Eva is more diverse than people might think it is," Winfield said.

For Bysiewicz, her closing argument has to do with experience. She served multiple terms as both a legislator and secretary of the state, which she says, makes her the ideal selection to join the Democratic ticket as the nominee.

"My opponent has never won elective office,” Bysiewicz said. "Whoever fills that role will have to preside over the state Senate and I believe that legislative experience is critical to that and I'm the only lieutenant governor race on the Democratic side of the aisle that brings that sort of experience to the presider role."

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