Boatright Eyes Tourney

It is, as they say, go time. After an 11-9 start, the Huskies have reeled off four straight wins, the latest a 70-45 thumping of Tulsa. So has coach Kevin Ollie and his young, mostly inexperienced team finally found themselves in time for another tournament run?

That's the hope.

"We've got seven games left," senior point guard and team leader Ryan Boatright said after the game, according to the Hartford Courant. "We know we've got to win every single one of these games for us to get to that tournament. Ain't nobody gonna give us nothing. Ain't nobody gonna give us the benefit of the doubt. We've got to go out and take it if we want to be in that tournament."

It seems naive to think that this team has a chance a defending it's national title but a year ago such talk would have been considered just as silly. Then the Huskies, led by Shabazz Napier, caught fire and by the first week of April UConn had won it all.

"Me and (Ollie), we believe in our team," Boatright continued. "We believe in the guys we've got in the locker room. We believe we can do it. As long as we say we can do it and we take care of business, we can do it."

And just like Napier -- and Kemba Walker before him -- Ollie (and Jim Calhoun) have benefitted from great point guard play during their title runs. If the improbable is going to play out again, it will be because Boatright continues to carry this team. This fact is not (nor has it ever been) lost on Ollie.

"I just want him to keep being composed, the coach said of his point guard. "When it's time to take over the game, he's starting to get that switch, 'It's my time.' And when it's time to pass the ball … he's doing a wonderful job."

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