East Hartford's ‘Marvelous' Mykquan Williams Gets Career-Changing Chance

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Mykquan Williams wants to fight. It’s his job and his passion.

“I was very frustrated like, felt like I'm training just to train,” said Williams, who trains in Manchester.

Fourteen months since his last match in October of 2019, Williams has been staying ready with the help of his longtime trainer, Paul Cichon.

“We've just been in here working, trying to stay as focused as possible,” said Williams.

“He works out every day whether he's got a fight coming up or not,” said Cichon. “He just keeps on working so it was easy to get him back.”

Any time they thought he’d be “back” fights would be canceled or fall through.

“We were offered a couple of fights that just weren't worth taking,” said Cichon.

When they got their next fight, it came from an opponent no one wanted to face: COVID-19.

“I like when people say ‘yeah it’s just like the flu,’ no it's not,” said Cichon. “I never lost 30 pounds in two weeks with the flu.”

Cichon tested positive for the coronavirus back in April. This time, Williams was watching the battle, trying to stay positive and focused for the trainer he's had by his side since he was 8.

“I just came in by myself and did as much as I can,” said Williams. “Thank God he was okay.”

Cichon came back as soon as it was safe. Right back into the holding pattern, taking hits while waiting for a fight. Williams had a fight set for December 12 in Cancun. That one was canceled.

 “I found out the week before we were supposed to fly out,” said Williams.  

Another blow testing Mykey's patience, but this time he didn’t have to wait long for his next offer.

“Within a half hour the phone rang,” said Cichon. “It was DiBella Entertainment, they said ‘hey, you got a chance to fight on Showtime, you want it?’”

Headlining at Mohegan Sun. No question, they took it.

“You know how they say there's always a light at the end of the tunnel?  And look what came up, you know what I mean? This is the biggest fight of my career so far,” said Williams.

Williams is set to fight Yeis Solano on January 20. It’s a battle of unbeaten, both coming into the fight with matching 15-0 records.

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